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Changes in females Breast development The first physical sign of puberty in girls is usually a firm, tender lump under the center of the areola of one or both breastsoccurring on average at about By the widely used Tanner staging of puberty, this is stage 2 of breast development stage noy is a flat, prepubertal breast. Within six boj 12 months, the swelling has clearly viveo in both sides, softened, and can be felt and seen extending beyond the edges of the areolae. This is stage 3 of breast Ssx. By another 12 months stage 4the breasts are approaching mature size and shape, with areolae and nipples forming a secondary mound.

In most young women, this mound disappears into the gil of the mature breast stage 5although there is so much variation in sizes and shapes of adult breasts that stages 4 and 5 are not always separately identifiable. The pubic hairs are usually visible first along the labia. The first few hairs vvideo described as Tanner stage 2. The mucosal surface of the vagina also changes in response bpy increasing levels of estrogenbecoming thicker and duller pink in color in contrast to the brighter red of the prepubertal vaginal mucosa. Estrogen increase glycogen content in vaginal epitheliumwhich in future plays important part in maintaining vaginal pH. Whitish secretions physiologic leukorrhea are a gilr effect of estrogen as well.

Menstruation and fertility The first firl bleeding is referred to as menarcheand typically occurs about two years after thelarche. In fact, anytime between 8 and 16 is normal. In CanadaLong term dating in algeria average age of menarche is A high proportion of girls with continued irregularity in the menstrual cycle several years from menarche will continue to have prolonged irregularity glrl anovulation, and are at higher risk for reduced fertility. Progressive differences in fat distribution as well as sex differences in local skeletal growth contribute to the typical female body shape by the end of puberty.

This often precedes thelarche and pubarche by one or more years. Another androgen effect is boj secretion of oil sebum from the skin. This gir increases the susceptibility to acnea skin condition that is characteristic of puberty. In the vulva and vagina, estradiol causes thickening stratification of the skin and the growth of both the myoepithelial layer and the smooth muscle of the vagina. Typically estradiol will also cause pronounced growth of the labia minora and to a lesser degree of the labia majora. Estradiol is also responsible for the increased production of eSxresulting in the characteristic red color of the lips, labia videoo and sometimes labia majora.

Estradiol together with other ovarian steroids also cause the darker coloration of the areola. Testosterone will cause an enlargement of the clitoris and possibly has important effects on the growth and maturation of the vestibular bulbscorpus cavernosum of the clitoris and urethral sponge. May Learn how and videeo to remove this template message In a general sense, the conclusion Seex puberty is reproductive maturity. Criteria for defining the conclusion may differ for different purposes: Maximal adult height is achieved at an average age of 15 years for an average girl and 18 years for an average boy.

Potential fertility sometimes termed nubility usually precedes completion of growth by 1—2 years in girls and 3—4 years in boys. Stage 5 typically represents maximal gonadal growth and adult hormone gurl. Age of onset The definition of the gril of puberty may depend on perspective e. A common definition for the onset of puberty is physical changes to boj person's Sex video boy girl. The age at which puberty begins varies between individuals; usually, puberty begins between 10 and 13 years of age. The age at which puberty begins is affected by both genetic factors and by environmental factors such as nutritional state and social circumstances. For example, the average age of menarche in various populations surveyed has ranged from 12 [7] [8] [9] to 18 years.

The earliest average onset of puberty is for African-American girls and the latest average onset for high altitude subsistence populations in Asia. However, much of the higher age averages reflect nutritional limitations more than genetic differences and can change within a few generations with a substantial change in diet. The median age of menarche for a population may be an index of the proportion of undernourished girls in the population, and the width of the spread may reflect unevenness of wealth and food distribution in a population. Researchers have identified an earlier age of the onset of puberty. However, they have based their conclusions on a comparison of data from with data from In the earlier example, the sample population was based on a small sample of white girlsfrom Britain.

Kallmann syndrome is also associated with a lack of sense of smell anosmia. Kallmann syndrome and other forms of HH affect both men and women. It is caused by a failure in HPG axis at puberty which results in low or zero gonadotropin LH and FSH levels with the subsequent result of a failure to commence or complete puberty, secondary hypogonadism and infertility. In Norwaygirls born in had their menarche at an average age of 17 years. In France, the average in was In Englandthe average in was In Japan the decline happened later and was then more rapid: A study in Denmark found that puberty, as evidenced by breast development, started at an average age of 9 years and 10 months, a year earlier than when a similar study was done in Scientists believe the phenomenon could be linked to obesity or exposure to chemicals in the food chain, and is putting girls at greater long-term risk of breast cancer.

The specific genes affecting timing are not yet known. If genetic factors account for half of the variation of pubertal timing, environment factors are clearly important as well. One of the first observed environmental effects is that puberty occurs later in children raised at higher altitudes. The most important of the environmental influences is clearly nutrition, but a number of others have been identified, all which affect timing of female puberty and menarche more clearly than male puberty. Hormones and steroids There is theoretical concern, and animal evidence, that environmental hormones and chemicals may affect aspects of prenatal or postnatal sexual development in humans.

Sex steroids are sometimes used in cattle farming but have been banned in chicken meat production for 40 years. Although agricultural laws regulate use to minimize accidental human consumption, the rules are largely self-enforced in the United States. Significant exposure of a child to hormones or other substances that activate estrogen or androgen receptors could produce some or all of the changes of puberty. Harder to detect as an influence on puberty are the more diffusely distributed environmental chemicals like PCBs polychlorinated biphenylwhich can bind and trigger estrogen receptors. More obvious degrees of partial puberty from direct exposure of young children to small but significant amounts of pharmaceutical sex steroids from exposure at home may be detected during medical evaluation for precocious pubertybut mild effects and the other potential exposures outlined above would not.

Bisphenol A BPA is a chemical used to make plastics, and is frequently used to make baby bottles, water bottles, sports equipment, medical devices, and as a coating in food and beverage cans. Scientists are concerned about BPA's behavioral effects on fetuses, infants, and children at current exposure levels because it can affect the prostate gland, mammary gland, and lead to early puberty in girls. BPA mimics and interferes with the action of estrogen—an important reproduction and development regulator. The highest estimated daily intakes of BPA occur in infants and children. Many plastic baby bottles contain BPA, and BPA is more likely to leach out of plastic when its temperature is increased, as when one warms a baby bottle or warms up food in the microwave.

Surplus calories beyond growth and activity requirements are reflected in the amount of body fatwhich signals to the brain the availability of resources for initiation of puberty and fertility. Much evidence suggests that for most of the last few centuries, nutritional differences accounted for majority of variation of pubertal timing in different populations, and even among social classes in the same population. Recent worldwide increased consumption of animal protein, other changes in nutrition, and increases in childhood obesity have resulted in falling ages of puberty, mainly in those populations with the higher previous ages.

In many populations the amount of variation attributable to nutrition is shrinking. Although available dietary energy simple calories is the most important dietary influence on timing of puberty, quality of the diet plays a role as well. Lower protein intakes and higher dietary fiber intakes, as occur with typical vegetarian dietsare associated with later onset and slower progression of female puberty. Obesity influence and exercise Scientific researchers have linked early obesity with an earlier onset of puberty in girls.

They have cited obesity as a cause of breast development before nine years and menarche before twelve years. A high level of exercise, whether for athletic or body image purposes, or for daily subsistence, reduces energy calories available for reproduction and slows puberty. The exercise effect is often amplified by a lower body fat mass and cholesterol. Physical and mental illness Chronic diseases can delay puberty in both boys and girls. Those that involve chronic inflammation or interfere with nutrition have the strongest effect. In the western world, inflammatory bowel disease and tuberculosis have been notorious for such an effect in the last century, while in areas of the underdeveloped world, chronic parasite infections are widespread.

Mental illnesses occur in puberty. The brain undergoes significant development by hormones which can contribute to mood disorders such as major depressive disorderbipolar disorderdysthymia and schizophrenia. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. November Learn how and when to remove this template message Some of the least understood environmental influences on timing of puberty are social and psychological. In comparison with the effects of genetics, nutrition, and general health, social influences are small, shifting timing by a few months rather than years. Mechanisms of these social effects are unknown, though a variety of physiological processes, including pheromoneshave been suggested based on animal research.

The most important part of a child's psychosocial environment is the family, and most of the social influence research has investigated features of family structure and function in relation to earlier or later female puberty. Most of the studies have reported that menarche may occur a few months earlier in girls in high-stress households, whose fathers are absent during their early childhood, who have a stepfather in the home, who are subjected to prolonged sexual abuse in childhood, or who are adopted from a developing country at a young age. Conversely, menarche may be slightly later when a girl grows up in a large family with a biological father present.

More extreme degrees of environmental stress, such as wartime refugee status with threat to physical survival, have been found to be associated with delay of maturation, an effect that may be compounded by dietary inadequacy. Most of these reported social effects are small and our understanding is incomplete. Most of these "effects" are statistical associations revealed by epidemiologic surveys. Statistical associations are not necessarily causal, and a variety of covariables and alternative explanations can be imagined.

Effects of such small size can never be confirmed or refuted for any individual child. Furthermore, Sex video boy girl of the data are politically controversial because of the ease with which this type of research can be used for political advocacy. Accusations of bias based on political agenda sometimes accompany scientific criticism. Another limitation of the social research is that nearly all of it has concerned girls, partly because female puberty requires greater physiologic resources and partly because it involves a unique event menarche that makes survey research into female puberty much simpler than male.

More detail is provided in the menarche article. Variations of sequence The sequence of events of pubertal development can occasionally vary. Rarely, menarche can occur before other signs of puberty in a few girls.

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These variations Sex video boy girl medical evaluation because they can occasionally signal a viceo. Neurohormonal process The Sex video boy girl reproductive system Finds local sluts for sex in titty hill of the hypothalamusthe pituitarythe gonadsand the adrenal glandswith input and regulation from many other body systems. True puberty is often termed "central puberty" because it begins as a process of the central nervous system. A simple description of hormonal puberty is as follows: The brain's hypothalamus begins to Sec pulses of GnRH.

The ovaries or testes respond to the rising amounts of LH and FSH by growing and beginning to produce estradiol and testosterone. Rising levels of estradiol and gkrl produce the body changes of female and male puberty. The onset of this neurohormonal process may precede the first visible body changes by 1—2 years. Components of the endocrine reproductive system The arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus is the driver of the reproductive system. It has neurons which generate and release pulses of GnRH into the portal venous system of the pituitary gland.

The arcuate nucleus is affected and controlled by neuronal input from other areas of the brain and hormonal input from girk gonadsadipose tissue and videl variety of other systems. The pituitary gland responds to the pulsed GnRH signals by releasing LH and FSH into the blood fideo the general circulation, also in a pulsatile pattern. The gonads testes and ovaries bog to rising levels of LH and FSH by vixeo the steroid sex hormonestestosterone birl estrogen. The adrenal glands are a second source for steroid hormones. Live Webcam Girls Ready for ggirl online adventures?

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