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Ahmeti and other members who advanced her found women's subscriptions, combs, and panties strewn around the other. When she was new back I based, "What are they which to you. He also paid me milk. By to the spectrum's testimony given to the pure, police took the woman and a two-year-old girl into another look away from the family, where they answered the twenty-year-old. She read With Rights Watch:.

On this purpose, there will be organized seminars, informational meetings with schools' students who would familiarize themselves with medicinal plants and protection of biodiversity. Attractiv seminars will include information on kues plants can be collected in the nature, in order to preserve natural kukss of our country. The seminars will be assisted by foreigner specialist and by experienced Albanian ones. Agricultural fair in Puka and the Regional Conference On th of Septemberin Puka city was held a complex activity with participation of several actors including public and private institutions. The president of Republic of Albania, Prof.

Bamir Topi joined the activity. About 70 farmers of Puka region, have shown their best agricultural and agro-processing products. The personalities attending the activity such as the President of Albania Republic, Members of the parliament, Government representatives, local administration, several NGO-s that supported the activity and Puka inhabitants, visited the Atttactive. Nurses who treated rape victims and eyewitnesses who Attractivf women returning after long absences reported womem many of the women had visible teeth-marks on their arms and exposed flesh. They were covered with bites. I tried to wash them. Afteraccompanying several rape survivors to their gynecological exams, ku,es told Human Rights Watch, "There were bites all over the bodies of the victims, especially the raped women.

The bites were on their Attracyive and legs and especially woen their intimate places. All of these accounts stemmed from direct victim or witness testimony gathered by Human Rights Watch or other local nongovernmental organizations working in the field. Human Rights Watch investigators interviewed six women who survived rape and other forms of sexual violence committed by Yugoslav soldiers, or Serbian police and paramilitaries during the conflict. Human Rights Watch discovered six additional Attractive women in kukes of women who Attractuve raped and subsequently murdered. The Center for the Protection of Women and Children, a Pristina-based NGO, interviewed and provided assistance to twenty-nine rape and sexual violence victims.

And the Humanitarian Law Center reported four rapes. To the extent possible, Human Rights Watch corroborated these accounts through interviews with dozens of nurses, doctors, eyewitnesses, and ih human rights and women's rights activists. Medical personnel working in Kosovo and Albania confirmed an additional eight cases of rape. In spite of problems of tallying Attrctive of attacks, Human Rights Watch believes, for the reasons described below, that these cases represent only a small fraction of the incidents of sexual violence that actually occurred kykes the reasons described below.

Human Rights Watch sought to interview numerous witnesses in cities throughout Kosovo, with particular emphasis on those cities reported to have had rape camps or multiple attacks. But it proved difficult to find women able to testify about rapes that occurred in their own town or village. According to eyewitnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch, for example, many of the women raped in Djakovica came from Mitrovica. Likewise, many of the women raped in Mitrovica came from villages in the surrounding area. The result was geographical chaos, with residents from one village victimized in another village perhaps one hundred kilometers away from their homes.

The cultural stigma attached to rape further complicated the documentation efforts. Because women in Kosovo only reluctantly spoke of sexual attacks, Human Rights Watch believes that the cases documented in this report represent only a fraction of the incidents of sexual violence which occurred. As one surgeon told Human Rights Watch, "Many women were raped. This is a patriarchal place and women find it very difficult to talk about these things. Some unknown number of these women may have been raped. Some women who returned after being held told friends and relatives that Serbian authorities had only interrogated them. Others reported that the Serbian authorities forced them to "make coffee," a phrase that some experts believed was a euphemism for sexual assault.

These cases, supported only by hearsay evidence, could not be corroborated by Human Rights Watch. However, the large number of women taken away, some of whom never returned, does indicate that additional abuses may have occurred. In one case in Pec, witnesses told Human Rights Watch that six armed and uniformed Serb men entered a house on June 12,around 9: Before murdering six members of the family aged five, six, seven, twelve, thirteen, and twenty-eightthe men raped one of the wives, a twenty-eight-year-old mother. Her sister-in-law, the mother of three of the murdered children, survived a chest wound and witnessed the killings. She told Human Rights Watch, They were wearing military clothes and had black scarves on their heads.

They took my sister-in-law into the front room, and they were hitting her and telling her to shut up. The children were screaming, and they also screamed at the children. She was with the paramilitary for one half hour. She was resisting, and they beat her, and the children could hear her screaming. I could only hear what was going on. I heard them slapping her. The children did not understand that they were raping her. After they raped my sister-in-law, they put her in line with us and shot her. When we got home, they ordered us to sit on the couch.

They told my sister-in-law to stand up and come with them. They took her to the bathroom and raped her. My mother was near her in another room-she is an invalid. She heard them saying "faster, faster" to my sister-in-law. I asked my mother and she said that they "dehumanized" her. According to the victim's testimony given to the council, police took the woman and a fourteen-year-old girl into another room away from the family, where they raped the twenty-year-old. The younger girl resisted and one policeofficer allegedly asked her age. She responded that she was only fourteen. The police officer told the others to leave her alone since they had older women available.

Although they forced her to strip naked, the police did not rape the fourteen-year-old. After they burned my father's house, my father and the family took shelter in my building. They took my sister into another room because my father said he had no money. They took her in another room in the flat, locked the door, and told her to take off her clothes. My sister took off her tee-shirt, but they told her, "No, not that part, take off the lower part. She was having her period. I heard everything through the wall, and my sister told me what happened afterwards. The walls are very thin. I heard my sister begging them, "Please in the name of God, if you have a sister or a wife, don't touch me.

She was gone for ten minutes, but it felt like days. Other than my sister, five other girls were abused [in our building], all of them very young. In three cases, women told her that they were raped in their own homes and their families were forced to watch. Attacks in Flight Throughout the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, an estimatedethnic Albanians were forced out of the province by government forces. Tens of thousands more were internally displaced. During this time, long cordons of civilians were ushered along roads from villages to larger cities, and then out of Kosovo, usually to Albania or Macedonia. In some cases, refugee columns were sent back from the border to their place of origin.

During these treks, those seeking refuge were repeatedly stopped, harassed, robbed, and sometimes beaten or killed by paramilitaries, police, or the army. Human Rights Watch also documented thirty-five cases where womenwere pulled out of line and taken away by government forces.

Yugoslav Troops Said to Cross Into Albania

In some cases, the women returned after several hours. In other cases, the women did not return. Persons interviewed by Human Rights Watch reported paying exorbitant sums to free young women held by police and paramilitaries. About twenty tractors were crowded together inside the village in a field. The paramilitaries shot at the first tractor so the tractors would stop. The paramilitaries came closer and separated the men over fifteen [years old] from the women. They Nude women in bonn the women's jewelry and money and threatened us.

They said, "Now come, Attractive women in kukes going to have sex with you. They didn't take me because the other women stood up and grabbed me and they all gave money so I wouldn't be taken away. The Serbs hit me in the back. According to one woman, who gave birth in the mountains without medical treatment, Serbian soldiers and police attacked a group of internally displaced persons who had taken shelter on a pig farm near Vucitrn. After beating the woman's two-year-old son and several others, she said, the police took four women and forced them to board an army truck.

She told Human Rights Watch: I saw the women pulled by force into the Serb truck and while they were in the truck we heard them screaming. We could not see because the truck was closed. There were four women, two of them were approximately thirty years old, and the others were twenty and twenty-two. The women were on the truck for one hour. The women came off the truck like they were insane, like they had lost their minds. They could not talk about anything. One woman from Dobrotin Dobratin told Human Rights Watch that police came to a small village where she and her children had taken shelter for seven weeks during the NATO bombing campaign.

The police came and surrounded us and demanded money and gold from us. They took our tee-shirts up and touched our breasts and our legs and demanded money. They were touching us and demanding money. Those who had no money-their daughters were taken away. The daughters were held for five hours. The victim, a thirty-year-old mother traveling with her mother, mother-in-law, and two children, told Human Rights Watch: Two uniformed Serbian men stopped us. A big guy with red hair called me from the tractor. The red-haired one came around the tractor and said, "You," pointing at me.

When he told me to get offthe tractor, I didn't. Then he yelled, "You! He kept yelling, "Get off! His pants were already open and his penis was out. He tore off my bra. I started screaming and crying. The other Serb came close and pointed his automatic weapon at my chest. I was wearing dimije [baggy pants] so they'd think I was old. The red-haired one took my pants off, tearing the drawstring. He told me to sit down. He took the 10 DM that I had with me. He took off his pants and pulled me close to him. We were right next to the tractor, next to the driver's cabin.

I had my period. When he took off my pants, he saw the pads with blood on them, so he didn't have sex with me. Instead he turned me around and grabbed my breasts, trying me on the other side [anal rape]. I contracted myself very tightly and he didn't succeed. He may have ejaculated. It took three or four minutes, then he told me that I could get back on the tractor. A tractor driver who passed that same point later in the day, as well as his other passengers on the tractor, corroborated the description of the two uniformed men.

One eyewitness to Attrctive sexual assault, an eighteen-year-old man from Djinovce Gjiaoc in the Suva Reka municipality, told Human Rights Watch: He took her onto the asphalt road and raped her right there in front wmen everyone. Only one Serb raped her. The other Serb hit people with the butt of his automatic weapon and said, "Silence, mukes It Attractuve three or four minutes. He did it right next to the tractor. Serbian forces grabbed a Atyractive woman from Mitrovica from the line of fleeing refugees and drove kukse away in a white Volkswagen Wwomen. It happened while I was in line with the people.

It was April 14th when wome left our house and on the 15th we were walking near Djakovica. They say it was only two kilometers from Atrtactive border. We arrived at four o'clock in the morning. We had a rest until Attractive women in kukes o'clock in the morning in a building close to the road. The border to Albania was closed. Serb police came with trucks and put us in the trucks and said that they would take wonen back to Kosovo womem the border was closed. In another village they told us to get off the wwomen and we started walking again. We met Serb paramilitaries.

There were five or six cars of them. They approached my uncle and separated him. They took his gold and his money from him. Then they came up to me. I was arm in arm with my brother and my mother was behind me. He took my hand and told me to get in his car. I was so surprised. I did not want to walk. He told me not to refuse or there would be lots of victims. He swore at me and said, "Whore, get in the car. When I got in the car I saw another girl. We were two girls, and there were two uniformed Serbian men. It was nine or ten o'clock at night. We were away from the line by several meters. He told us to get out.

The other girl was taken by the driver and I was taken by the other. He told me not to scream and to take off my clothes. He took off his clothes and told me to suck his thing. I did not know what to do. He took my head and put it near him. He started to beat me. When Icame to I saw him over me. I had great pain. I was screaming and scratching the ground from the pain. Another man came with a car and he got over me. The other man with the car asked the first one why he was treating this whore so good. The incursion may have been in response to KLA activities in the area, an Albanian police source said.

Even before Tuesday's incident, relations between Albania and Yugoslavia had been strained. Albania has watched in anger as Yugoslav army troops and police have forced more thanethnic Albanians from their homes in Kosovo in recent weeks, includingto Albania itself. According to the refugees, the campaign has been accompanied by widespread rapes, robberies and killings committed against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo. The guerrilla group is battling for independence for Kosovo, which is now a province of Serbia, the dominant Yugoslav republic. Although the reported incursion was the most serious on record, OSCE monitors have noted previous violations of the border by Yugoslav forces in recent weeks.

The border is lightly defended by Albanian border police who have "explicit orders" never to fire back at the Yugoslavs, the monitor said. The Albanians "don't seem to have any capability to defend anything," he added.

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